Possibile difetto batteria?

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Possibile difetto batteria?

Messaggiodi adammuelta » 11/12/2018, 18:19

Ping Pong Rules - 5 basic rules of playing ping pong

If you are a ping pong player interested, then it is a must know first you understand the rules and how to play the sport properly. In general, most people find the rules quite easy to understand because they are similar to other near-related sports.

Here are five basic rules

1. No hands on the table

One of the first rules you need to know when playing is that you should never touch the board with your hand. Doing so results in the loss of a point. A common habit that beginners can get into is to use their hands to push them up from the board so they can hit the bouncing ball higher. This is not allowed and in a proper game will result in an immediate deduction of 1 point.


2. When serving, the ball must be thrown 15mm

A good habit to get into when you first start playing ping pong is a precise ball toss. This means that when you serve the ball must be thrown at least 15mm into the air from the flat palm of your hand before being hit. You are also not allowed to use any tricks to roll up in a swirling ball, it needs to be upright with a height of about 15mm from the table.

3. If you let the ball touch the net during the serve, then you are the serve again.

When you serve the ball in ping pong it will take a while for you to touch the edge of the net and the ball to the opponent's table. This is called "net" and you will be the one to serve again, no points will be counted for anyone. There is no limit to the number of "net" players can have on the first serve. If a player touches the net but the ball does not land next to the opponent's table, that player will lose points.
Remember, unlike tennis, where you have two services, in ping pong you only have one chance to serve the ball online.

4. The ball must be held in a flat paddle above the table.

When preparing for serving you should make sure that you keep the ball flat in the palm of your hand above the board. This ensures your opponent and the referee can see the ball and where it is being held.


5. color rubber

If you look at a ping pong bat, you will see that one side is usually black while the other side is red. The rules say that one side must be read while the other is black. This is to ensure opposition players know what to expect when they serve with either black or red rubber and prevent confusion.

That ends five basic rules of ping pong. By following these rules, you can have a good basic understanding of how to play sports.
A good player always ensures that they properly look after their ping pong equipment. [I links sono riservati agli utenti registrati. Registrati!Ti aspettiamo!].
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Re: Possibile difetto batteria?

Messaggiodi rinomino » 11/12/2018, 23:28

adammuelta ha scritto:ciao amici,
spesso la mia astra 1.7CDTI 101CV stenta a partire, è possibile che si tratti della batteria oppure la causA potrebbe essere un'altra?


potrebbe essere il motorino di avviamento usurato
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