Aria troppo calda?

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Aria troppo calda?

Messaggiodi victornguyen » 05/12/2018, 18:33

Table Tennis Rubbers - Simple Procedure For Gluing Them Onto Your Blade

This is a simple step-by-step process for pasting of rubber on the tongue without any particular instrument or equipment. It can also be used to replace your existing latex with new ones.

All you need is a little glue of table tennis (the VOC root glue or rubber cement), the pen ball, knife cutter or razor very sharp and a roller like the hard round pipe (like a bottle of wine), a hardcover piece and a massive stack of books.
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Paste procedure:

Put the rubber onto the knife blades and withdraw the pen (on the back on the sponge, not the top plate) around the rim of the bat to represent what parts of the rubber should be glued (make sure bit with the logo on the rubber right above the handle.
Apply glue on one side of the blade evenly out. You can use a piece of rubber cut out to cover it out, or wrap your fingers into a plastic part and cover it that way.
Similarly, the glue for rubber spread evenly out in the lines drawn earlier.
Wait until the glue on the rubber touches dry, usually at least 5 minutes.
Apply another thin glue layer on the rubber as before (if your glue were pretty thick, this step is not mandatory)
Wait until the adhesive on the rubber is touching dry again. [I links sono riservati agli utenti registrati. Registrati!Ti aspettiamo!] Follow this path to choose a suitable ping pong rackets for your own.


Lift the rubber, gently put the blade to the bottom (top of the logo) before (just above the handle), then put the rest down.
Use a hard rounded object like a bottle of wine, and gently roll it over the rubber to make sure it is striking down the knife correctly.
Place the blades and rubber onto the rubber table at the bottom, and use a very sharp knife to cut the extra rubber around the knife edge. Put a hardcover piece underneath the rubber makes it easier to cut over because the blade can cut into a little paper. Do not try cutting through the rubber once, passing through each cut many times before cutting over. This helps the cuts much cleaner.

When finished rolling down the rubber again, and put it under a stack of books in a few hours or so to make sure it links appropriately. To keep the rubber clean, you may want to put a little plastic upon them (as the plastic casing comes with the packaging) also helps protect the surface.
Rub off any rubber bits from the edges and paste the edge tape if needed.
This simple procedure must ensure the rubber mounting neatly and accurately into your tongue. If you are not satisfied with this result, you can always pull the rubber out again and paste again, although the lining it will be a bit more difficult when the rubber has been cut.
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