There is nothing wrong with deaths in RS3's price

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There is nothing wrong with deaths in RS3's price

Messaggiodi Molian » 01/08/2020, 5:54

Okay some suggestions are warranted. But these quality of life updates are [I links sono riservati agli utenti registrati. Registrati!Ti aspettiamo!] what I am focusing on. Most of them would be the pettiest complaints I have ever seen. I read them and I just think wow, what a weak person to complain. It is things I have never had a problem with but then thinks it has to be altered somehow somebody gets angry about this little thing that is trivial. The worlds going dude that is soft. My outlook is bleak on this forthcoming generation if these quality of life things they bring up are what they can not deal with. Gonna be scary when they grow up to run the entire world.Ironmen mostly don't have much to invest gold on so death is a great thing to have as is, provides a great deal of value to GP that might otherwise be useless. It's good to have such a usage. One thing is you really don't have to bring this change, that switch, and the other change. You just don't. If you're dying so much that it's causing you trouble, you can enhance at the boss then bring that things rather than attempting to bring a ton of things and bleeding money like mad. A gear setup is not that much more expensive. Bosses at RuneScape are for the most part very weak -. This just should not be a major issue.

There is nothing wrong with deaths in RS3's price. Anybody who encounters 10m+ passing costs ought to be competent enough at telos to produce that earn 5-10 minutes worth of time. (idk solak/aod gp/hr, only done on my iron). Passing costs may also be made back from 5 minutes of this great majority of high level supervisors. I have an ironman death costs aren't a problem there either. You have a massive abundance of GP and oynx's. Fucks remain crazy, keep crying about tramps. I concur, but you are grossly overstating the ordinary death cost. I use t90 equipment with switches and such and my passing cost is about 2mil and I have never seen anybody say their death cost was 5mil before (that I know its possible and individuals do have it, but its rare enough that as someone that pvms with different people for hours each day, I've never noticed it), so the typical definitely isnt 6mil.

By overstating the typical death cost you're poking holes in your argument rather than strengthening as I am sure you'd intended. With the way Jagex is, a jmod could literally look at this post and just point out that even basing on instanced boss encounter deaths, the ordinary departure price cost is far less than you said so there is no issue and no rework is necessary. Like I said at the start, I agree with you, but I am just giving some comments on that part because it is a really enlightening and mostly factual post minus the part.I earnestly don't think I am overstating the price for a pvm death employing a standard gear installation. Ironically, it is a equipment setup that is standard. Protect item brings this to over 6m. This is not some insane setup. It is only a setup with an sgb switch, nothing mad.

The dilemma is that you are presuming that top-tier PVMers with the best setups are the [I links sono riservati agli utenti registrati. Registrati!Ti aspettiamo!] majority, but they aren't. T92 armor and weapons using switches that are t92 has like best and a death costs. But the character of this is that most people are not geared with complete t92 for example their switches. Most people are geared with a combo of t92, t90, and t80 (nex equipment since sirenic/ tectonic d2d till monday) because of their weapons, armor and switches to get PVM so that they aren't hitting those high passing costs.
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